his “little problem” in his hotel room mocked by Jean-luc Reichmann

Emilienthe star of 12 shots of noon, has not yet decided to give up his place. Since September 2023, the young man has made a exceptional journeyeliminating every noon any challenger who presents himself in front of him with a disconcerting ease. This Wednesday, June 19, the prodigy shared an anecdote about his
hotel room which did not fail to provoke a reaction
Jean-Luc Reichmann.

The TF1 set has become his second home. Émilien continues on his merry way as if nothing had happened. This
well of knowledge also won its tenth mysterious star, a first in the program. From now on millionairethe Vendéen comes to the set as if he were coming to work, spending his day decimate your opponents one by one. However, this domination could be weakened due to a problem encountered during its rest at the hotel.

Émilien confides his hotel misadventure to Jean-Luc Reichmann: “ When we let the water…”

To ensure the recording of the show and not arrive late for his “new job”, Émilien is staying in a hotel. Besides, this week, his sister Angèle, who came to encourage him on the set, was his roommate. This visit to the capital would have been perfect if their hotel room did not suffer from a little problem » bathroom.

“There is just a small problem of mixer with shower. When we leave the water hot enough, it becomes freezing then boiling. It’s a shower that’s either very cold or very hot, never in the middle.”he explained, always with the same Olympian calm
that we know him. Obviously, Jean-Luc Reichmann couldn’t help but make a well-felt comment (no pun intended). “The main thing is that you are clean »he said with humor to the young man.

photo credit: TF1 Émilien discusses his shower problem with Jean-Luc Reichmann.

The young millionaire has already faced this type of problem with his darling Jessica

In any case, these confidences made the public and certainly the viewers laugh. However, the bad experience of Emilien with a hotel is not a first. Recently, he had already recounted, on set, a mishap experienced while he was with Jessica in an establishment recommended by the production.

This time it wasn’t the shower, but his smoking neighbor which was the cause of his worries. “We had a small incident at the hotel. The fire alarm went off at 3:30 a.m., he confided. There
electronic cigarette of his neighbor would have been the reason. Of course, Émilien, residing at the hotel for months, was not spared by the famous suspicious noises coming from a neighboring room…

Émilien really has no luck with the hotels he chooses

This time it was during his debut on the show. During the broadcast of October 14, 2023, the history student reported the night “noisy” that he had suffered. The often thin walls of hotels had offered Émilien the
show without the image of his roommates in the process of do somersaults. “But it’s okay, it didn’t last very long!” »he assured.

photo credit: TF1 Émilien has many anecdotes to tell about his stays at the hotel.

Whatever happens, all these adventures do not seem to affect the midday master. Whether he sleeps half at night or takes a shower at any temperature, it will take a lot more to make him flinch.
Émilien, the champion of French TV games
is just
unstoppable. The only thing that could possibly give his opponents a chance is that he remains locked up in his hotel room!



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