why Francis Perrin refused to come back…

why Francis Perrin refused to come back…
why Francis Perrin refused to come back…

While he is starring in the play Le Duplex, Francis Perrin has decided to no longer be a member of Les Grosses Têtes on RTL. In an interview given to our Belgian colleagues from Télépro, the actor justified his refusal.

This Tuesday, June 18, France 2 broadcast the play Le Duplex, notably with Francis Perrin.

While he spent 15 years in Les Grosses Têtes alongside Philippe Bouvard, Francis Perrin refused to join the version proposed by Laurent Ruquier.

In an interview with David Barbet for Télépro, the actor explained the reason for his refusal after 58 years of career.

This Tuesday, June 18, France 2 broadcast the hit play The Duplex, performed at the Paris theater until June 30. On display: Francis Perrin. The actor is accompanied by Anny Duperey, Corinne Touzet and Pascal Légitimus. “In the recording, it was not Anny Duperey, it was Claire Nadeau who created the role and who was not able to repeat it in Paris because she was filming Les Tuche”, said Francis Perrin at David Barbet’s microphone for Telepro.

Faced with the enthusiasm surrounding this piece, the actor will leave on tour in some months. On this occasion, he spoke about his projects.

Les Grosses Têtes: Francis Perrin bows out

If Francis Perrin has mainly distinguished himself on stage and on television throughout his career, he will have spent 15 years in Les Grosses Têtes. A memorable memory for the actor alongside Philippe Bouvard, the emblematic presenter of the show broadcast on RTL. I owe Philippe a lothe estimated to our colleagues from Teleproremembering his meetings with Sim, Jean Yanne and Jacques Martin.

If Francis Perrin evokes “shining moments” In “a schoolboy spirit”he refused the proposal to integrate the version proposed by Laurent Ruquier. “He offered it to me, Laurent, but there’s a page that turns and we must leave room for othersconfided the actor.

Francis Perrin is preparing to say “farewell” to his audience

Francis Perrrin returned to the end of the series Mongeville despite its success on C8 after having been broadcast for several years on France 3. A decision that the actor had difficulty digesting. “A while ago, I thought we could do another episode to say goodbye. France 3 made the decision to stop with the reason being ‘a change of brand’. I learned about this from the press. It was a joy to have done this character for 8 years”he explained before making a surprising announcement.

At 76, Francis Perrin intends to devote himself fully to his family life. “Maybe I’ll turn 80 and say goodbye then”he said without excluding a few exceptional appearances in the cinema or on TV. “I have no regrets. I only have happiness coming my way. I have been spoiled”he concluded after a busy 58-year career.



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