Estriens pay tribute to Donald Sutherland

Estriens pay tribute to Donald Sutherland
Estriens pay tribute to Donald Sutherland

The death of Donald Sutherland was greeted with sadness in Estrie on Thursday. The actor owned a residence in the Georgeville sector in the Canton-de-Stanstead for more than 30 years.

The citizens of Magog used to meet him in different businesses and at the marina, in particular.

According to several accounts, the Hollywood actor was considered an approachable person who mingled with the region’s population in public places.

Éric Gérard Langlois of Maison Merry remembers meeting his family on numerous occasions.

He is a bit part of the history of Magog, he is a fairly simple personality.

A quote from Éric Gerard Langlois, general director of Maison Merry

The family of Éric Gerard Langlois, who owned a grocery store and a butcher’s shop, often encountered Donald Sutherland and his children at the time. They arrived in hose boots, with overalls, no sweaters, a strap attached he describes.

According to him, the actor had won the hearts of many people in the region by integrating into his community.

They had this simplicity which was notable. You’d expect a star like that to be more formal and not going to mingle with the crowd, but no. They were kind, friendly, remembers Éric Gerard Langlois.

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The restaurant Les Enfants Terribles used to receive Donald Sutherland at one of its tables.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Even in recent years, the actor was still present in several businesses.

Dominique Plante, who has worked at the Enfants Terribles restaurant for three years, used to meet him.

It’s sad to learn that. He was pleasant, discreet. It always gave us a little thrill to see that he chose our restaurant.

A quote from Dominique Plante, waitress at Les Enfants Terribles

An ally for the conservation of Lake Memphremagog

In addition to being appreciated by the population, Donald Sutherland was also involved with environmental organizations.

Installed on the shores of Lake Memphrémagog, the actor has become an ally of the Memphrémagog Conservation organization.

I hope that other people like him will be interested in the environment, who will promote the importance of natural environments. We protect well what we know well.

A quote from Johanne Lavoie, president of Memphrémagog conservation

Concerned about the health of the lake, Donald Sutherland himself approached the organization to support its efforts. He also remained a member for several years.

The president of the organization, Johanne Lavoie, believes that Donald Sutherland is an example to follow in promoting the conservation of natural environments.

A photographer was born thanks to Donald Sutherland

Aerial photographer Yves Tremblay also shared photos he took from the air of the famous actor’s residence on Facebook. He took the opportunity to explain that his passion, photography of properties from the sky, was born from his meeting with Donald Sutherland at the end of the 1990s.

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The property the actor had purchased is called the Dunkeld Estate.



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