Bruno Pelletier returns to the small screen in “Société distinct”, 27 years after “Omerta II”

Bruno Pelletier returns to the small screen in “Société distinct”, 27 years after “Omerta II”
Bruno Pelletier returns to the small screen in “Société distinct”, 27 years after “Omerta II”

Almost 30 years after playing in Omerta II: The law of silenceBruno Pelletier has landed a new role on television: that of Maurice, in the Quebec science fiction series Separate company.

“It’s a small role that is expected to grow if there is a season 2. I thought it was perfect to get me into the swing of things, as I don’t have a lot of experience. I have a few scenes. Some might have been offended at being asked for a small role, but not me. I am very happy about it,” explains the 62-year-old singer.

The reason why the author and director Benoit Lach wanted to see him in an audition is still unknown to him. Being in Paris when he received the call from his agent, Ginette Achim, the interpreter of Miserere filmed and then sent her homemade audition from her apartment in the City of Lights.

“From Omerta, I was called often. Either for roles that I didn’t get, or at times when it was impossible for me to free myself up for a shoot,” he says.

The singer said he was “a little surprised” to have been chosen, and also surprised when he read the script. “A story of aliens and science fiction that mixes mystery, conspiracies and family drama, I wondered if that was possible in Quebec,” he admits.

Bruno Pelletier admits to having wanted to know the names of the other actors who would take part in this project. Those of Maude Guérin, Hélène Florent, Luc Picard and Antoine Pilon were enough to convince him, because they were, according to him, a “guarantee of quality”.

Bruno Pelletier, in the “Distinct Society” series.

photo provided by Groupe TVA

Curious professional

During four days of filming last summer, Bruno Pelletier became Maurice, an ally of the character Simone (Hélène Florent) who is part of the resistance. A “nice bad guy” with the look of an old rocker, sporting a ponytail and fringed coat.

“To know that these great actors had confidence in the proposal and in the director convinced me. It also reassured me to play with Hélène Florent, who is very kind and was very generous with me. She reassured me by asking me if I wanted us to rehearse together on site, for example. I found it great to start playing with her again,” says the artist.

Describing himself as a “curious professional”, Bruno Pelletier remains open to other proposals in front of the camera.

“Yes, it’s a different world. They’re big teams, bees, and it’s very different from the music industry. I see this as another string to my bow,” concludes the singer who will be at the Grand concert de la francophonie of the SuperFrancoFête on August 27, at the Agora du Port de Québec.

– Bruno Pelletier will resume his tour from the 25the birthday of Miserere at the end of summer, until November 2024. It will be in Montreal, at the Théâtre Saint-Denis, on September 14, in Laval on October 5, in Trois-Rivières on October 11 and additionally at the Théâtre Capitole in Quebec on November 1, 2 and 3, 2024.



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