Completely transparent dress, skirt slit up to the base of the thigh and visible lingerie, Deva Cassel sets Italy on fire

At the beginning of June, Deva Cassel was in Capri to walk the podium at the latest Jacquemus fashion show. On the sidelines of the show, the model put on a series of sexy looks.

Deva Cassel paraded for the Jacquemus house during the presentation of the collection The Housewhich took place on June 10, 2024. The young model took advantage of her quick trip to Capri to only wear summer outfits.

The young woman shared photos of her stay with her fans on Instagram. We first discover her strolling around the port of the Italian island. She then wears a long black slit skirt topped with a long top with a Bardot neckline. His accessories? A beach bag, sunglasses and light ballet flats. In another photo, the one who is also an actress poses in a completely transparent white backless dress, under which we can see her underwear. In the words of Vincent Cassel, the father of the model who reacted in the comments: “Mama Mia!”

With 1 million subscribers on Instagram, Deva Cassel is part of this generation of children of stars who have managed to establish themselves in an environment that fascinates them. Very quickly propelled onto the podiumsDeva Cassel has become in a few years a real icon fashion.

Deva Cassel parade for the Dolce & Gabbana fall-winter 2023-2024 show © Piovanotto Marco/ABACA

What is Deva Cassel’s career in fashion?

Deva Cassel, daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel born December 12, 2004, has stood out from a very young age in the world of fashion and beauty. When she was only 14 years old, in 2018, the young woman was spotted by the house Dolce & Gabbana, which scrolled it. Two years later, she became the ambassador perfume Dolce Shine of the brand.

Barely an adult, Deva Cassel begins to do numerous blankets from magazine to internationalas for the magazine SHE or the Spanish edition ofHarper’s Bazaar. In 2021, Vogue Italy offers a unique opportunity to Deva Cassel: to pose in the company of her mother, Monica Bellucci. A shooting that reveals to everyone the resemblance striking between the two women. Powered very young in the middle of the fashion, Deva Cassel continues shootings for major magazines, but also fashion shows: Coperni, Jacquemus, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana… She represents a young generation of models in the future promising.

Deva Cassel is one of those personalities who already have a well-defined style. Lace, leather, romance, elegance And glamour are the key words that designate the style of the young woman. The model regularly shares photos from her shoots on her Instagram account @d.casseluxxi. Dior lace dress, sexy bra or total velvet look, Deva Cassel’s style is synonymous with elegance and glamour.

Deva Cassel attends the Dior Fashion Show in Paris © Abaca

What are his favorite brands?

From brands favorite by Deva Cassel, we mainly find the French house Dior, as well as the Italian label Dolce & Gabbana of which she is ambassador. Two haute couture brands, with different styles, but which match perfectly with the look of the model and summarize her genealogy, between France and Italy.

Want to copy her looks? Nothing more simple ! Just follow these five commandments. By analyzing her outfits worn during fashion shows, on the red carpet or even in her everyday life, we notice that Deva Cassel has a style of her own, which is not difficult to reproduce. Number 1: we focus on lace. Deva Cassel often appears dressed in delicately embroidered pieces. Enough to add a sexy side to your outfits. Number 2: we opt for the tight. The young woman does not hesitate to reveal her figure in close-fitting dresses, whether it is a strapless style piece, a corset or a very fitted dress. Number 3: we dare glamour. The daughter of Vincent Cassel brings a sophisticated touch to her looks thanks to her always studied make-up. Number 4: we love the look rock. Leather jacket, biker boots, total black look… Number 5: we adopt the transparency. All in eleganceDeva Cassel does not hesitate to play with materials and adopt the naked dress whenever she wants. To imitate without moderation.



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