Alexandre Barrette: “I don’t believe in monogamy”

Recently, the friendly comedian and host Alexandre Barrette announced that he was launching a new podcast calledDon’t forget your toothbrush. The latter revolves around a main theme: breakups. For his first episode, he welcomed the actress Catherine Brunet, with whom he was in a relationship for almost three years, a few years ago.

During this special one-on-one moment, the host and his guest, whom he describes as his first real heartbreak, notably showed great open-mindedness by approaching the different profiles. of torque.

The discussion began when the moderator mentioned that Catherine did not want to have children, something she has already opened up about before, and asked him where she stood in relation to traditional models of couples.

“The couple was somewhat created by religion, by concepts (…) basically, I don’t think that humanly we are made to be in a relationship with one person. Monogamy, I think it’s a concept invented from scratch (…),” explained Catherine Brunet, affirming that that said, this form of relationship made it possible to create society as we know it.

“The concept of fidelity and monogamy, I think we realized in gang that it doesn’t work that much (…)”, she continued, not excluding the fact that for some, it can work and that it may be that this model is the right one for some.

The host then, once again, brought the question back to Catherine by asking her if she personally believes in long-term monogamy or rather in openness as a couple.

“I think I was raised in a very classic model of Prince Charming and… even heteronormativity, so it seems that I, very late in life, understood that deep down, I am perhaps less straight and I am less monogamous than I thought (…)”, she reflected, explaining that she had known nothing else.

She also tells that she and her current lover (Emile Ouellette) have already broached the subject and that to date, they had come to the conclusion that they wanted to be exclusive, but that the possibility of having a different model of couple was not excluded forever.

“At the beginning, with my boyfriend, we talked about saying: Would we like to open the couple? Would we be open to that? And you know, when you start as a couple, you’re super in love and you’re like: No never! No, I don’t want anyone to look at you. So, there we were like: No, no, no, monogamous our business! And we’ll talk about it later, but you know, later, when the beginnings of passion fade and you feel threatened by someone else (…),” she said, explaining that in her heart and in her body, however, she finds it difficult to apply.

YouTube screenshot @Alexandre Barrette

A little later in the discussion, the actress was interested in knowing if, for her part, the host believed in monogamy, which opened the door to a very frank and surprising response from Barrette.

“I think I don’t believe it anymore. I think I don’t believe in it and even I don’t believe in… and there, it’s easier to say when you’re single than when you’re in a relationship, but I don’t believe in monogamy; I don’t believe in it anymore, I don’t believe in it anymore (…),” says Alexandre Barrette, supporting his remarks by the fact that he never cheated on his partners, but only at a specific moment, when he was in a relationship, he had a connection with another woman and that even if he had had a relationship with her, he would not have loved his partner less or been less attracted to her.

YouTube screenshot @Alexandre Barrette

Afterward, he made a point of specifying again that he had not deceived anyone and that he was not promoting adultery.

Furthermore, in turn, we would like to specify that throughout the discussion, the guest and the moderator made no judgment on the way others do things and that they only discussed their personal experiences and their own opinions.

And you, what do you think about monogamy?
Do you believe it?



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