Flowers Gallery: Lisa Jahovic: The third drawer

Flowers Gallery: Lisa Jahovic: The third drawer
Flowers Gallery: Lisa Jahovic: The third drawer

Flowers Gallery presents a solo exhibition by the British multidisciplinary photographer and filmmaker Lisa Jahovictitled “The Third Drawer.” The exhibition marks the artist’s first solo exhibition and will incorporate various mediums used in the artist’s work, including video, photography and sculpture.

The presentation explores the performative dimensions of photography, sculpture and cinema through non-linear narratives formed by everyday objects. Featuring a series of pre-existing artworks and a new body of work focused on the exploration of analog experiences where everyday objects become vessels of expression, offering a fusion of visual poetry and kinetic art.

“The Third Drawer” is a term often used colloquially to refer to this mysterious compartment where objects find their place, ranging from keys to spare batteries, including spoons and objects with holes. In the gallery space, “The Third Drawer” expands from a physical space to a metaphor for the human psyche or collective consciousness, where memories, emotions and fragments of experiences are stored, sometimes forgotten, but can influence our perceptions and behaviors.

Jahovic’s monochrome works present a dichotomy between poetic fragility and tangible destruction, transforming mundane objects into engaging art forms. Through a blend of absurd humor and philosophical inquiry, she invites the viewer into a celebration of the nuances of everyday life.

Artist Lisa Jahovic said: “For the exhibition, I wanted to look at everyday objects and think about how they could get a new dimension, how they could unfold in the world, how they could move, how they could breathe. Observe and reshape found objects until an enticing movement forms or an unexpected interaction unfolds. To transcend their static nature and discover hidden narratives.

Lisa Jahovic: The Third Drawer
May 15 – June 22, 2024
Flowers Gallery
21 Cork Street
London W1S 3LZ



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