Explore form and content

Explore form and content
Explore form and content

Petra Gut Contemporary welcome again Andreas H. Bitensich in Zurich with his next solo exhibition, which will open on May 28. The exhibition presents a retrospective of his nude and street photographs taken in major cities, covering thirty years of the artist’s career.

His portfolio encompasses two distinct but equally fascinating areas: nude photography exuding an elegant sculptural quality that accentuates form, and streetscapes capturing the pulsating energy and raw appeal of some of the world’s most famous urban centers like New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Andreas is praised for his striking photographs, showcasing a deep sense of beauty and aesthetic precision in his compositions. His nude photographs set new standards in the genre and gained international fame.

Bitesnich excels at capturing the essence of the vibrant streetscapes he passes through, showcasing the dynamic energy of these urban melting pots. His use of dramatic lighting, reminiscent of film noir, transports the viewer and enriches his depictions of urban life and the human form.

When speaking about his art, Bitesnich emphasizes the instinctive nature of his creative process: “When I am passionate about a new subject, I always set off immediately with my camera. This must grip me; only then does it make sense. Generally, it’s good to stay open to what affects you; I don’t set any limits for myself. »

His spontaneous and boldly exposed images vividly convey the spirit of dynamic metropolises, effortlessly transporting viewers on immersive journeys through his lens. We feel the artist’s energy and passion for his craft through his photographs, whether meticulously taken in the studio or spontaneous travel snapshots. This diversity illustrates the strength of the artist, capable of moving from one style to another with ease.

Andreas H. Bitensich: Intersections: Exploring Form & Content
May 29 – June 29, 2024
Petra Gut Contemporary
Nüschelerstrasse 31
8001 Zurich



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