this royal rule from which she never deviates… to the great displeasure of William

If William was immersed from his childhood in a strict protocol due to his status as a prince, Kate MiddletonShe had to adapt little by little, an undertaking which must not have been easy in the face of so many rules… Fortunately, the royal couple does not hesitate to break these conventions. A bold way to show that monarchy evolves with the times, that William and Kate are the ambassadors of a new era, more modern and flexible. However, there is a royal rule from which the Princess of Wales never deviates.

Kate Middleton, real grace icon and elegance, demonstrates a perfect mastery of royal protocol. She has continued to cause a sensation during her public outings in recent years, before the announcement of her cancer last March, by respecting to the letter the strict protocol rules of the british monarchy, including banning hugs, selfies and autographs. An anecdote reported by The Mirror recounts a visit by Prince William’s wife to the Chelsea Flower Show, where eager children asked for an autograph.

A royal rule respected by Kate Middleton, but not by Prince William

With incomparable delicacy, Kate politely declined, explaining that as member of the royal family, she could not sign. “ My name is Catherine. I am not allowed to note my signature, that’s one of the rules. “, she said. Despite everything, she knew meet their expectations by offering them drawings of flowers. If on the side of his wife, Kate Middleton, respecting protocol rules is an absolute priority, it seems that her husband, Prince William, adopts a more flexible approach. According to some sources, the prince would have less difficulty ignoring certain rules to show more accessible and close to the public.

During a recent visit to Cornwall, Prince William created the event. While chatting with Phoenix Kanes, a nine-year-old boy, he allowed himself a breach of protocol royal. When the boy asked him to sign his arm cast, Prince William acted spontaneously, before slipping mischievously: “ Shhhh, do not tell anyone. I’m not allowed to do that normally.”

photo credit: Shutterstock William and Kate Middleton, subject to strict royal rules

Royal rules made more flexible by William and Kate Middleton

One rule seems to be softening within the royal family: that of selfies. During each public outing, the Windsors are constantly targeted by photographers looking for the ideal shot. The British present also hope immortalize a moment with a member of the royal family, a practice once strictly forbidden… or almost.

On social networks, photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William abound in the company of fans, precious moments for the latter despite the reluctance of the royal family. In 2018, Prince William admitted to being allergic » to selfies, a stance shared by Prince Harry during a visit to Australia in 2015, preferring a traditional photo. Even Meghan Markle, previously a selfie lover, admitted not having the right to do so. However, this rule now seems relegated to the background.

A strict royal protocol that William and Kate Middleton must respect

Among the other royal rules that the Windsors must respect? There political neutrality is a golden rule, although sometimes the little clues give a glimpse of their thoughts. The ban on play Monopoly may seem strange, as does the specific protocol for conversations at official dinners, where the king begins the discussion on his right before turning to his left. Another custom: have a black outfit in reserve during travel, established after a tragic incident during an official tour.

photo credit: Shutterstock A clothing protocol respected by the Windsors

As for the heirs to the crown, they are not authorized to travel together for security reasons, a rule that Prince William however defied with the special agreement of the Queen for his children a few years ago. The royal family attaches great importance to its clothing protocol, going so far as to coordinate outfits during their public appearances. Moreover, each type of hat is carefully selected according to the event and the location.



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