this “great victory” which makes Prince William’s wife proud after months of combat

this “great victory” which makes Prince William’s wife proud after months of combat
this “great victory” which makes Prince William’s wife proud after months of combat

Kate Middleton, wife of prince William, grew up in a middle-class family and met Prince William at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Their marriage, celebrated on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, was followed by millions of people around the world. Today, Kate Middleton temporarily withdrawn from the public scene following the discovery of her cancer, which she announced on March 22.

Despite his illness and as Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton is very involved in charity, particularly focusing on early childhood, mental health and family support. Indeed, it supports several organizations and plays an active role in initiatives aimed at improve the well-being of children and young people.

Kate Middleton, suffering from cancer, is very supported by her husband, Prince William

It was therefore on March 22 that the Princess of Wales indicated on her social networks that she was suffering from cancer, the nature of which has not been specified. This news shocked the United Kingdom and the entire world, and led to numerous messages from support to the royal family. Notably, because, a few weeks earlier, the king Charles III also indicated that he was suffering from cancer.

Today, Kate Middleton is counting on the support from her husband, Prince William, and their children, George, Charlotte and Louis in his fight against the disease and announced in his video: “I was therefore advised to follow a preventive chemotherapyand I am now in the early stages of this treatment”.

Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, are very involved in charitable work, especially regarding early childhood

Besides its fight against illness, Kate Middleton is very involved in charitable missions linked to early childhood, notably through the Shaping Us campaign, launched by the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood. This initiative aims to to raise awareness the importance of the first years of life for the development of children. Through this campaign, it encourages investments in education and family support to give each child an optimal start in life.

A report from the Shaping Us campaign recently revealed that several large British companies, including Aviva, Deloitte, IKEA UK and Ireland, and Unilever UK, are considering joining the initiative. The participation of these firms would be a Source of great satisfaction and pride for Kate Middleton.

photo credit: Shutterstock Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

This “great victory” makes Kate Middleton and Prince William proud

Kate Middleton would therefore be delighted with this news. Indeed, Christian Guy, executive director of the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, spoke to Hello Magazine indicating “Having eight of the biggest companies in the country on her side is a big victory for her”.

Concerning the princess’s current state of healthshe would unfortunately not be not ready to resume public activitiesalthough it closely follows the progress of its charities. Indeed, a royal expert recently told the Daily Mail : “Kate needs space and privacy to recover. She will return to work when she has clearance from the doctors.”.



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