“In France, there are many more…

“In France, there are many more…
“In France, there are many more…

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

While the Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, despite the controversies surrounding it, the French media are reveling in the presence of American stars in France. Last Sunday, Laurent Delahousse had the honor of receiving Richard Gere, in promotion for “Oh, Canada”. The opportunity for the famous actor to highlight a big difference in his eyes between the United States and France…

For an entire generation, Richard Gere was a true sex symbol. Revealed by “American Gigolo”, it was with “Pretty Woman” that the actor achieved worldwide fame. Several decades later, his unlikely couple with Julia Roberts in the film remains cult in the eyes of the public. And now aged 74, he does not intend to slow down – quite the contrary.

Double awarded an Oscar in his career, and nominated 6 times, Richard Gere is the headliner of the film “Oh, Canada”, in which he has great hopes. And since the release falls during the Cannes Film Festival, where the film is presented, the actor crossed the Atlantic to ensure promotion. The opportunity for him to continue interviews, and to talk about the country that welcomes him.

Richard Gere very complimentary towards France

Guest of Laurent Delahousse last Sunday, the septuagenarian did not fail to compliment France:

I am surprised to see the respect for French cinema. There is much more respect for cinema than elsewhere in the world. The way we talk about cinema, the way we protect the work of directors. If anyone made a wonderful movie, that’s what they are.

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Obviously very marked by this major difference in his eyes, the native of Philadelphia wanted to drive the point home, once again praising the French mentality:

In the United States, it’s different. You have to constantly prove yourself. In France, respect is extraordinary.

Compliments, that’s a word that French cinema was no longer really used to. It must be said that the last few months, and even the last few years, have been marked by the revelations of actresses denouncing numerous inappropriate behaviors on the part of men. It is also in this context of distrust, controversy, even paranoia, that this new edition of the Festival opened.

Richard Gere did not mention this subject. A skillful communicator, and although he is certainly not unaware of the situation in view of the numerous instructions passed by the organization, the American was content to praise France. And given the rarity of such compliments in recent times, it is clear that the approach is appreciated!

If French cinema often suffers from an inferiority complex compared to the United States, it is interesting to note that American actors tend to be very complimentary towards France. In any case, Richard Gere’s comments did not go unnoticed, and did not fail to please those in the profession.



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