What is this monumental structure created in Coutellia soon to be exhibited at the Parc de l’Orangerie in Thiers?

Over the two days of the Coutellia show in Thiers, in Puy-de-Dôme, blacksmiths and ironworkers took on the challenge of creating a sculpture designed by Thiers cutler Dominique Chambriard.

“The idea is to pay homage to the artisans who preceded us and thanks to whom we obtained this know-how,” he describes. For the creation, he called on the Catalan Ironworkers and the K 12 blacksmiths association, from Aveyron.
In total, around ten craftsmen took turns throughout the weekend to take up the challenge of creating a three-metre-high sculpture. “We have been coming to Coutellia for almost 20 years. We enjoy it every time?!”, reports the representative of the Catalan Ironworkers.Based on the structure, this piece of text carved into the rock of Volvic.

Introduction to creation

In front of many curious people, the association’s craftsmen assembled the iron structure on Saturday, while the blacksmiths took care of making 40 kg of burl, a metal mass produced at the end of a low furnace’s activity. “This ore pebble represents the link between nature and the cutlery industry, since it is used to create knives,” explains Dominique Chambriard.

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Finally, Yannick and Laurent, from the Catalan Ironworkers association, forged three Damascus blades with Dominique Chambriard. They were hoisted to the top of the sculpture. “It’s great to learn with the masters in the field, we’ll come back next year,” they smile. The base of the sculpture was carved from a piece of Volvic stone by the artist Thierry Courtadon. A beautiful association of trades, which pays homage to the cutlery activity and to the town of Thiers. The sculpture will soon be exhibited in the Orangerie park.

Angela Broquère



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