Emmanuelle Béart: her daughter Nelly Auteuil in the spotlight in Cannes

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Emmanuelle Béart is a proud mother and she never hides it! On Instagram, the mother of Nelly Auteuil, fruit of her love affair with actor Daniel Auteuil, never hesitates to congratulate her daughter and share her joy at seeing her child’s projects come to fruition. The actress also published a photo of her offspring, in story, to announce great news.

Emmanuelle Béart: her daughter Nelly Auteuil in the spotlight in Cannes

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Emmanuelle Béart lived a beautiful love story alongside Daniel Auteuil in the 1980s for more than 10 years. Together they had a daughter in April 1992 whom they chose to name Nelly. Three years later, the couple separated and the child chose to stay and live with his mother. Nelly Auteuil was immersed in the world of cinema thanks to her illustrious parents and actually played when she was 10 years old in Small cuts, directed by Pascal Bonitzer. She is now 32 years old and is not only an actress. The young woman first chose to move away from this environment by starting law studies. Nelly Auteuil then became a lawyer specializing in literary and artistic property law before deciding to return to cinema. She embarked on the adventure of production by joining the company “24 25 Movies” then Zazi Films as ddevelopment director and co-producer.

Last April, Emmanuelle Béart was also delighted for her daughter who saw her career as a producer take a great direction. Indeed, the actress published a story on Instagram to announce that her daughter was moving up a gear by producing a film which was going to be presented at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. So proud of my daughter Nelly Auteuil. Producer of this film selected in Cannes in official selection!!!”, she wrote on the social network. The young thirty-year-old produced with Hugo Gelin the feature film entitled Thread directed by… his father, Daniel Auteuil. Always so proud of her daughter, Emmanuelle Béart shared a new photo of her offspring to congratulate her. “My little one who had her first film at Cannes as a producer!!!”we could read on a photo of Nelly Auteuil all smiles, a glass of champagne in hand.

Cinema, a family affair

Last April, Nelly Auteuil announced the happy news. Under the poster of her father’s film, in which he plays, Agnès Buzyn’s daughter-in-law wrote on her Instagram feed: “So proud to produce with Hugo Gelin this magnificent film by Daniel Auteuil with Daniel Auteuil, Gregory Gadebois, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Alice Belaïdi, Isabelle Candelier, Gaëtan Roussel… Le Fil in official selection at Cannes”.

“I love the world of cinema, it dazzles me… But I also find it terrifying,” Nelly Auteuil told the magazine She in 2015 to let it be known that she preferred to stay behind the camera rather than in front. Then to specify about his parents: I learned at a very young age not to feel embarrassed about their profession.”.



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