Joakim Noah talks about his drug use: “I couldn’t…

Joakim Noah talks about his drug use: “I couldn’t…
Joakim Noah talks about his drug use: “I couldn’t…

By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Renowned for his outspokenness, whether on or off the field, Joakim Noah has never had any trouble raising topics for certain taboos. This is, for example, what he did when discussing the NBA’s anti-drug policy.

He is one of those players who is better to have on your team. A leader by example, Joakim Noah never counted his efforts on the NBA floor and therefore pushed his teammates to surpass themselves. At the same time, he never refused the slightest duel, whether physical… or verbal, regardless of the prestige of the opponent he was dealing with. However, all this required a lot of energy.

Really inhabited on the pitch, the former French interior player could therefore have difficulty reducing the pressure after his matches. This could also seem like a major problem for a high-level athlete like him, whose recovery process was essential. He thus had to find some sort of escape at a time when the league was being very strict towards one of them.

Joakim Noah talks about the benefits of weed for NBA players

Invited to put on the NBA commissioner costume during an appearance on the podcast KG CertifiedNoah then congratulated Adam Silver for one of the notable choices of his mandate:

Joakim Noah: I’m glad to see they’ve softened the rules regarding weed. It was a very good decision. After a match, the guys can finally relax like this. We didn’t have this freedom.

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A definite regret for Jooks, who would have liked to be able to benefit from this reduced regulation during his career:

Joakim Noah: I don’t think people realize that. When you play a match at the highest level, in front of 20,000 people screaming in the stands… With that kind of adrenaline, do you think you’ll be able to sleep at midnight?

Do you really think you’re going to be able to go home and say, “Okay, the game’s over, it’s time to go to bed”? I couldn’t cut it! It was impossible. So I’m glad the guys now have that outlet and can calm down and meditate like that. It allows them to find rest and for me, rest is the most important thing, knowing that there are injuries all the time now.

The famous, increasingly recurring injuries mentioned here by the former French international are also part of the reasons for his failure at the Knicks. In fact, he himself admitted that the physical problems he contracted in New York weighed him down morally and pushed to take constantly or almost… drugs. And if his speech is to be believed, weed might have been able to prevent that.

Author of his last NBA match in 2020, Joakim Noah was therefore unable to benefit from the recent relaxation of the regulations regarding the consumption of grass. An observation that he regrets while rejoicing for his colleagues.



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