listen to her heartbreaking new song

listen to her heartbreaking new song
listen to her heartbreaking new song
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Jean-Jacques Goldman is not about to leave the hearts of the public. While the students of the “Star Academy” cover his hit “At the End of My Dreams” every evening on their triumphant tour and his friend Michael Jones celebrates his successful repertoire with the project “The Goldman Legacy” on records or in concert, the artist was once again crowned favorite personality of the French for the 13th time. His song “Je te donne” was even crowned the French’s favorite song! Recently, even Celine Dion gave him a beautiful statement. “ Jean-Jacques is extremely intelligent, talented and he always knows how to surpass himself. I think of him often. I listen to it very regularly. And I still listen to what we did together “.

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“Will you be resistant or complicit?”

Although he retired to live peaceful days far from media agitation, Jean-Jacques Goldman, now 72 years old, continues to write here and there according to his desires. He thus signed the title “When?” for the group Trois Cafés Gourmands in 2022, and even agreed to come out of silence during the health crisis to revisit his title “He changed life” in honor of caregivers. Two years ago, he gave an interview to high school girls for a school newspaper. He has just done it again! Contacted by Nadia Bachmar, a teacher from Vénissieux, to participate in a show about the Resistance, the singer said yes. “ I knew that his father had been a resistance fighter in Vénissieux and that he had participated in his liberation within the resistance with the FTP-MOI (Francs-tireurs et partisans – immigrant workforce), on August 26, 1944, that therefore made sense to ask him » she explains to Figaro. It must be said that she had already been in correspondence with Jean-Jacques Goldman for several years.

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Initiated before the health crisis, the project was finally disrupted and it was Michael Jones who worked on the show at Louis-Pergaud primary school, called “Vénissieux la belle, la rebel”. He even goes on stage to sing “I give you” with the students. The DVD of this performance like no other was sent to Jean-Jacques Goldman who encouraged the teacher to participate in writing a song for this show, which has endured over time. “ He told me that he had seen our show, that he was blown away and that it was still yes for the song » says Nadia Bachmar, who will be surprised to have the star on the phone: “ I hear: “Hello, it’s Jean-Jacques.” I didn’t really understand because I don’t have any Jean-Jacques in my repertoire. Then I hit. (…) He told me that he was very moved by the show “. Seduced, the singer therefore wrote as promised the title “Resistant”, inspired by the letter from the Armenian resistance fighter Missak Manouchian, recently inducted into the Pantheon, and he then worked on it with the students via videoconference.

In the end, Jean-Jacques Goldman agreed to write the text but also to read the introduction to this song about the Resistance, which was recorded but not commercialized. “ The school of the Republic is the place of otherness. About meeting others with their differences. That’s what we’re doing with this show. » recalls Nadia Bachmar, whose students are now in 4th grade but who continue this work of memory, particularly during commemorations.

Lyrics of the song “Resistant”

So what do we do?
We just have to live free and happy?
Listen, listen, I think he’s telling us something
Resist ignorance, resist money, your anger, revenge… the clan
Resists images, violence, envy, all these poisons, these shipwrecks… madness
The harassed student, or the battered woman
Are you going to participate or refuse?
What do you choose?
Bad paths, thefts and vices
Will you be resistant or complicit?
Resist and refuse this inevitability
All the bad excuses: cowardice!
Resist it’s your turn, resist it’s my turn



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