the strange interview with a dog by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in Cannes

the strange interview with a dog by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in Cannes
the strange interview with a dog by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in Cannes

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Messi in “C to you”

VIDEO – The France 5 talk invited Messi from the film this Wednesday Anatomy of a fall who, voiced by Raphaël Mezrahi, will meet the stars every day on the Croisette for France Télévisions.

After the Oscars last March, he took the steps at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. He posed in front of photographers better than a luxury brand muse. His piercing blue eyes sometimes prevented him from landing roles because he was judged “too handsome” by casting directors.

Messi, canine hero of the film Anatomy of a fall last year’s Palme d’Or, is the guest of “C à vous”, relocated again this year to Cannes. “He’s the hairiest actor in France”laughs Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine as she welcomes the animal onto her set accompanied by her coach and mistress Laura Martin-Contini. “Do you also train the chroniclers?”laughs the presenter.

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Raphaël Mezrahi is also invited this evening to the France 5 talk show. “You benefit from Messi’s global notoriety”, teases Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Indeed, the comedian doubles as Messi during clips broadcast from Monday to Friday, just after the 1 p.m. news on France 2. In offbeat interviews, he introduces the Croisette “at dog height”. An entire program.

Offbeat interviews

“There are questions you can’t ask as a man, but you can ask when you’re a dog. For example, “I would like you to be my mistress”, explains Raphaël Mezrahi, whose tone is reminiscent of Hugues Delatte. This completely outdated journalist character who trapped nearly 150 personalities, including George Clooney and Brad Pitt. First on TF1, then on Canal+ in “Nulle part autre”.

The gag takes place on the set of “C à vous” because Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is initially stunned by the incongruous request. “I thought that was a real question! I forgot it was the dog talking”, she declares after regaining her senses. The set and the audience are laughing around her. “She is awesome !”comments Raphaël Mezrahi.

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