What if Carey Price officially announced her retirement…next summer?

What if Carey Price officially announced her retirement…next summer?
What if Carey Price officially announced her retirement…next summer?

It may seem like a futile idea. After all, why would Carey Price leave money on the table by retiring rather than continuing to collect his check by being on the long-term injured list?

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During the 2024-2025 season, the goalkeeper will enter the sixth year of an eight-year contract signed on July 2, 2017, which will ultimately earn him $84 million. In the summer of 2025, he will begin the last year of his agreement which unites the famous No. 31 with the Habs.

What if we decided to end this agreement a few months before the deadline?

Price has already received most of his contract money, as the first six years of the deal were the most lucrative. In the summer of 2025, he will only have to receive $7.5 million in money, as indicated in the details of his pact.

However, his agreement is constructed in a way where he receives most of his money in signing bonuses. In fact, 70 of the $84 million of the total amount that will be disbursed by the CH to him will have been in the form of bonuses.

This is also what is planned for the last year of his contract in 2025-2026; $5.5 million in bonuses and $2 million in base salary.

So, when the Canadian pays him his last signing bonus in September (we know that the bonus is paid at this time of the year and not in July), he will only have a “meager” two left. $ million to be collected before the end of the agreement.

Summer 2025 which promises to be crucial

Can he afford to leave these two million dollars on the table? Without a doubt. Will he do it? We can afford to doubt it.

The fact remains that he would give CH a serious helping hand before the start of the 2025-2026 season. This could allow the team to exceed the cap during the off-season by up to 10% and then completely remove the $10.5 million amount that Price’s contract occupies from the team’s payroll before the game opening.

The CH would thus not need to resort to the relief provided by the long-term injured list and will be able to accumulate money under the salary cap during the season.

In the end, Price will have received $82 million of the $84 million provided for in his contract, which corresponds to nearly 97% of the total amount. The money he would leave on the table could allow CH to continue its progress during a summer which promises to be critical for the rise of this young team.



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