“My mind is clear”: Raphaël Quenard responds to rumors of a “list” of actors accused of violence

“My mind is clear”: Raphaël Quenard responds to rumors of a “list” of actors accused of violence
“My mind is clear”: Raphaël Quenard responds to rumors of a “list” of actors accused of violence

“My mind is clear. » While the 77th Cannes Film Festival opened this Tuesday with the #MeToo wave in everyone’s minds, Raphaël Quenard spoke in an interview on Canal + of recent rumors about the existence of a “list” of personalities from the cinema implicated for acts of sexist and sexual violence.

Guest of the show “Clique” presented by Mouloud Achour on Canal +, the actor spoke of a feeling of “injustice and helplessness” when he saw his name circulating alongside other actors. If the existence of this “list” has since been denied by Mediapart and the Cannes Festival, Raphaël Quenard admitted to having been affected by this false information.

“A certain taste of blood”

“There is a feeling of helplessness and anger at being associated with something for which we do not know what it is, which is not supported by any facts, any accusation,” explains Raphaël Quenard, ensuring that he is only speaking ‘in “his own name”.

He denounces a rumor “initiated by people inhabited by dark energy” and “deeply malicious”. “All of this is the fruit of a certain taste for blood that drives people,” denounces Raphaël Quenard, starring in Quentin Dupieux’s latest film, “Second Act,” screened after the opening ceremony this Tuesday.

He regrets “an infernal mechanism” which “causes a stir”, when all this “is just wind”. “I sleep like a log because my mind is clear,” he added.


Despite everything, Raphaël Quenard, César for best male revelation for his role in “Scrapyard Dog”, sees this situation as “a positive effect”. “This rumor comes from a concern which is the fight against all forms of violence, but mainly against women in this environment,” he analyzes. There is still a positive effect: remembering that we must all be uncompromising regarding these subjects, that we must all take charge of them. »

“If there are acts that are committed, that it is proven, substantiated, there must be intransigence,” continues the actor. “These are subjects to be treated with the greatest rigor, which tweeters do not demonstrate,” he squeaks.

In the world of French cinema, the subject of sexual violence is hotter than ever, seven years after the fall of American producer Harvey Weinstein, and five months after Judith Godrèche spoke out in France. The actress, who accused directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon of rape in her adolescence, will present on Wednesday a short film “Me Too”, made in tribute to the victims.



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