Brigitte Bardot provides unexpected support to Eden Golan (Israel) after Eurovision

Brigitte Bardot provides unexpected support to Eden Golan (Israel) after Eurovision
Brigitte Bardot provides unexpected support to Eden Golan (Israel) after Eurovision

In front of his television on the evening of Eurovision, there was… Brigitte Bardot. The ex-film star even warmly congratulated the Israeli candidate, widely booed during her performance by a hostile audience.

Eurovision, an apolitical competition? The 2024 edition seems to have proven quite the opposite… Israel’s participation – in the midst of war against Hamas in Palestine after the October 7 attack against its population – has provoked a wave of protest. Despite her detractors, candidate Eden Golan delivered a great performance on stage for 3 minutes, to boos and obtained 5th place in the final ranking. She received congratulations from the world cinema icon, Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot gives voice to Eden Golan

While Ségolène Royal chose to only criticize a competition that she does not seem to understand, former actress Brigitte Bardot took the floor to salute the performance of the Israeli candidate. The star of Contemptwho we did not imagine watching Eurovision from her isolated home in the South of France, congratulated the young singer, only 20 years old. “I would like to congratulate the wonderful Eden Golan. Wonderful! Talented! Courageous! What a great example she gave to the world, what dignity!”she wrote by hand on a La Madrague letterhead, before posting a photo of it on her Twitter account.

The former film star, now 89 years old, had already spoken out about the conflict last November. She declared: “I am horrified by what is happening to the courageous Israeli people and Palestinian civilians. This is an immense and painful loss affecting the planet.”

Israel’s success at Eurovision despite the boycott

Eden Golan actually had the courage to face the hostility of the spectators in the room and of the other delegations for several days and especially on the evening of the final, in Malmö, Sweden. She was booed when the candidates arrived on stage, flag in hand, then again during her performance with the song Hurricane then every time she appeared on the screen receiving points. As a reminder, no less than 15 countries gave 12 points – the maximum – to the candidate.

At the end of the votes of the professional juries, she had obtained only 52 points, giving her 12th place. But the strong mobilization of the public throughout the world allowed him to make a remontada earning 323 points from viewers. She therefore finished in 5th place in the ranking with 375th points, just behind Slimane for France.

Eurovision marred by controversies

In addition to the criticized participation of Eden Golan – which aroused the annoyance of the Irish Bambie Thug or the Greek Marina Satti -, the competition was also marked by the disqualification of the representative of the Netherlands, Joost Klein, suspected of having had an altercation with a technician during rehearsals. A police investigation is also underway against him.

The 68th edition of the Eurovision contest was won by Switzerland thanks to the singer Nemo and his title The Code. In France, the show was a hit with 5.4 million viewers.



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