William gives news of the princess after her shock announcement, “She is very upset”

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, shocked the whole world by announcing that she had cancer. The precise nature of his illness and the progress of his treatment have not been the subject of communications. There British royal family has found himself, since the discovery of this serious illness, in a very delicate situation.

The king Charles III is also prevented from fully exercising his functions, also because of cancer. If the monarch ended up resuming his activity of representing the British crown, he still cannot take care of his administrative and political tasks. Prince William is thus alone to carry all the responsibilities of the British monarchy on his shoulders.

Prince William responds to British concerns about Kate Middleton’s health

Prince William has said little about thehealth by Kate Middleton. The son of King Charles III was content to withdraw from public life for a time to remain at his wife’s side. Since March, he has nevertheless ended up returning to his functions. And if British journalists sometimes try to get some information from him about the Princess of Wales, he knows stay discreet on this subject.

The only real statement that was made regarding Kate Middleton’s health was Princess. But since then, no one really knows how she is doing. The British Crown has not announced when Prince William’s wife might return to public life. The prince, however, ended up giving some news.

photo credit: Shutterstock Kate Middleton

Reassuring news about Kate Middleton’s health

Prince William is currently in the southwest of England, on the Isles of Scilly. For the occasion, he made a few visits to the surrounding area, to meet artisans and entrepreneurs. The son of King Charles III also went to a hospital in the region. And it was precisely during this visit that he provided some information about his wife.

Tracy Smith, one of the administrators of this health establishment, asked Prince William how Kate Middleton was doing. Without elaborating on this point, the Prince of Wales simply replied: ” She is fine “. He did not give much more information as to the treatment followed by the Princess of Wales.

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Kate Middleton’s husband also spoke about his family

Prince William didn’t just talk about Kate Middleton. He also spoke about the state of mind of his immediate family, namely his three children George, Charlotte and Louis. According to him, his two sons and his daughter would be sad to see their father go so far, since he did not go to the Isles of Scilly with them.

Prince William

photo credit: Shutterstock Prince William

“My family is very upset that I am here without them. The kids will kill me if I don’t come home later.”, he shared. Of course, these remarks were spoken with humor. Despite the events his family is facing, Kate Middleton’s husband seems to show that the situation is less serious than it seems.



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