Philippe Lellouche slips up live and is not afraid of trials

Philippe Lellouche slips up live and is not afraid of trials
Philippe Lellouche slips up live and is not afraid of trials

Philippe Lellouche is at the heart of a controversy after an interview during which he made very inappropriate comments. He was targeting one woman in particular. Explanations.

Philippe Lellouche, who performs in a one-man show entitled Stand Aloneis not afraid to display his convictions… Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the star has denounced the “silence” public figures about the Israeli victims of the conflict and the hostages still not released. The actor heavily attacked a far-left political figure.

Philippe Lellouche tackles a European candidate

Sunday May 12, Philippe Lellouche was invited on Radio J to answer questions from Frédéric Haziza. And one thing is certain: the 58-year-old actor has not practiced the language of wood! On the contrary: when asked about the campaign led by La France Insoumise in the European elections of June 2024, he mentioned one of the candidates, Rima Hassan. “Take a Syrian model who is Rima Hassan…”he begins. “There is something magnificent about Rima Hassan, it is that she is pretty. That conveys a lot of things. Her brain is sick, but she is pretty”he said, sparking controversy on Twitter.

What serious misogyny” ; “The failed actor trying to revive his career” ; “You have to stop talking with your hand in your pants, Mr. Lellouche, eh” or “From what I’ve seen, she’s above all too intelligent and doesn’t keep her tongue in her pocket, that’s what makes them angry” can we read among the reactions. For the moment, Rima Hassan has not taken the trouble to respond to him. Will she take him to court?

Who is Rima Hassan?

The 32-year-old young woman was born in the Palestinian refugee camps in 1992. With a degree in international law, she is involved in actions for refugees around the world. In 2023, she founded the Action Palestine France collective and then joined the La France Insoumise party. She is today a candidate for the European elections under the LFI colors; the far-left party remains, poll after poll, largely dominated by the list of Raphaël Glucksmann, candidate for the Socialist Party and Place publique.

Rima Hassan’s hobby horse? The ongoing humanitarian drama in Gaza, where “acts of genocide” according to a UN rapporteur. Rima Hassan warns of the disastrous consequences, with thousands of civilians killed, in Gaza, following the relentless military response of Israel which wants revenge since the Hamas attack on October 7 2023.

Philippe Lellouche also destroys Jean-Luc Mélenchon and risks trial

And the actor is not kind to the figures of La France insoumise. In the same interview given to Jewish radio, he heavily attacked Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the party’s founder and former president. “He’s a guy with pony teeth who changes his mind like his shirt, he declared on Radio J. This is anti-Semitic rubbish. I say it, I repeat it and he can sue me, I will prove what I say. We should listen a lot less to what this guy says, but as he goes further and further into provocation…”



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