Survivor Quebec | Audrey came back

Survivor Quebec | Audrey came back
Survivor Quebec | Audrey came back

The exile was painful, as much for the players as for the viewers of Survivor Quebec. Schoolboy humor from Dominic (no longer capable of funky hats), complaints from Raphaël (the important thing is to choose yourself, yes, that’s it) and abuse of images of underwater wrecks, the third island of Noovo’s reality show didn’t provide any super thrilling segments.

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Fortunately, this 10-day purgatory made it possible to resurrect and reintegrate the most entertaining competitor of this 2024 vintage: Audrey, a 36-year-old fashion entrepreneur from Blainville and self-proclaimed villain of this second season of Survivor Quebecan edition which took off again on Sunday evening after a succession of predictable evictions.

Before the merger of the reshuffled tribes of Nawa and Bayani, Audrey sent her three opponents (Dominic, Gwladys and Desneiges) to the mat in the ultimate test of redemption, which she won hands down.

Armed with her predatory smile and her thirst for revenge against André the retiree, Audrey arrived in the new Dalawa tribe with a lot of crucial information. Audrey quickly read the game well and even managed to convince André, her sworn enemy, to give her his half of immunity, in addition to orchestrating the elimination of one of the best participants of the season, university psychology professor Jean-Michel, 32 years old.

The departure of Jean-Michel is a big loss for Survivor Quebec. The psychologist with the high hat finally began to let his hair down for the camera. How could he deprive us of this lush, full mane for 23 days, huh?

Then, Jean-Michel excelled as much in developing strategies as in physical challenges. He was probably the most complete candidate this year. And that was his downfall. Too good, too strong, too involved, too threatening, the people at the bottom of the pyramid, more numerous, zigagged the one who sat at the top with the real estate entrepreneur Ghyslain, 29 years old, and the web editor Kassandre, 33 years old.

Often impulsive and weather vane, Audrey has unfortunately! wasted his precious protective immunity at the last tribal council, when no one wanted to put out his fire. Victim of insecurity, Audrey burned a very important cartridge from her arsenal, which will undoubtedly haunt her in the coming episodes. She’s playing big, Audrey. And she plays hard, which puts a huge target on her back.

A little more subtlety and finesse would not harm Audrey, who attacks her enemies directly and head-on. Danger for her.

André, 65, unable to chew coconut with his dentures, also drew a secret weapon on Sunday, namely the theft and recovery of Ghyslain’s vote, a crucial step in the elimination of Jean-Michel.

It was the vote of Nabil, a 29-year-old commercial relations specialist, who pushed Jean-Michel towards the exit. Nabil has therefore turned his coat around, which will not please Érick (his best friend), Kassandre and Ghyslain, three members of the original orange tribe of Nawa.

On paper, the old Bayani – the blues – dominate the merged tribe. The problem ? The teacher Déborah, 39 years old, and the mayor of Amos Sébastien, 47 years old, still believe in the pre-merger alliance of the “group of seven”. Alliance that Nabil broke under the Machiavellian influence of Audrey.

Nabil’s betrayal led to a surprising turnaround for us, the viewers. This is what makes Survivor Quebec so addictive. On the other hand, this about-face will greatly harm Nabil’s future on the show, as he has just lost his most loyal accomplices until now.

Judas for half of the players, floating competitor for the rest, where will the volatile Nabil land?

Because he excels in everything, Ghyslain, known as Flash, could soon fall by the wayside. No one wants to be alongside him in the final, because he was too dominant, too much in the forefront. Kassandre is lucky to have immunity in her pocket, which guarantees her an additional round in the game. She’s strong, too.

If Déborah and Sébastien reconnect with the old Bayani blues (André, Audrey, Marilou and Florence), it’s the end for Ricky (who is not a cobra, contrary to what he claims), Nabil, Ghyslain or Kassandre.

In the suspended grid event, cognitive trainer Florence, 24, aka the mermaid, was amazing and fully deserved her immunity necklace.

Speaking of jewelry, why put so much emphasis on competitors who make junk amulets? Is someone really going to fall for this and change their entire game plan because a candidate is holding up a macaroni necklace in front of them?

Thank God, the long-awaited merger took place in the Bayani camp, with its beautiful chairs and hammocks, rather than at Nawa, who deliberately set up his shelter next to a dump with foul odors. What a weird idea.

Honestly, we won’t get bored of Nawa Bayou, which served no purpose other than fueling a few uninteresting sketches by Dominic. Bye bye, bayou bleu (hello Linda Ronstadt). We won’t miss you, but surely your Charmin toiletry.



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