Zazie talks about her end of life which she wishes to be original

Zazie talks about her end of life which she wishes to be original
Zazie talks about her end of life which she wishes to be original

Coach on the show “The Voice”, Zazie is already preparing for her last days which she hopes will be festive and joyful. With our colleagues from “Santé Mag”, the 60-year-old singer revealed how she wanted to age and also confided in her “best” tip for maintaining her health.

In 2017, Zazie revealed to our colleagues Health Mag how she considered a question that is often taboo and which few ultimately dare to talk about: her end of life. “How do you see yourself aging?“, our colleagues asked him, “Serene and perched! I anticipate my old age, when I will be 80-85 years old. The last part of the evening. As I want to continue to pulse and make music, I have already started to organize myself. With friends, we are thinking about living as a community in a place, other than Paris, where we can continue to make music. To be good-natured old people“, she confided.

Fully assuming her age – Lola’s mother is now 60 years old – the singer of the title Zen recognized, however, that society’s view is often harsh towards women who are aging. She confided: “It’s complicated because the outlook of others and society can be harsh when faced with a woman who is getting older, even if she is comfortable in her skin. One day, during a rehearsal of The Voice, I didn’t wear makeup. Mika showered me with compliments. I thanked him. This touched me because it is rare for people to recognize that assuming one’s age is a form of beauty.

Zazie’s “best” health tip

On the health side, the singer – who bought a pirate’s house – has several…

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