drugs, his children, his weight problems, his wife… Everything you need to know about the actor

drugs, his children, his weight problems, his wife… Everything you need to know about the actor
drugs, his children, his weight problems, his wife… Everything you need to know about the actor

Happy birthday to Benoît Magimel! The actor celebrates his 50th birthday on May 11, 2024. Here’s everything you need to know.

Benoît Magimel was born on May 11, 1974, in Paris. From the age of 13, he fell into the film industry and he even stopped his studies at 16 to devote himself to his career as an actor. Best actor award at Cannes, three Césars including two for best actor in 2022 and 2023, everyone praises his talent even if it has sometimes been tainted by his legal affairs. Find out everything you need to know about him.

The latest news on Benoît Magimel

Benoit Magimel, a former drug addict?

Drugs are over. It’s over, all that, it’s my past“, states in Marie Claire in 2024 the one who started at 13 years old in Life is a long quiet river. It’s good news. Because in 2016, Benoît Magimel knocked down a sixty-year-old woman on Boulevard Exelmans in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The victim was only slightly injured, but the actor tested positive for cocaine and heroin. He was ordered to pay a fine of 3,500 euros and have his license suspended for six months for another case, which occurred in February 2014, when he was arrested in his vehicle and already tested positive for drugs. Rebelote in 2017, he crossed a forbidden direction. He is arrested with three canisters of cocaine in the back of his vehicle…

Who is Benoit Magimel’s wife?

Since 2016, Benoît Magimel has been making perfect love with screenwriter Margot Pelletier. She interviews famous women in cinema in her podcast In privacy. The two lovebirds formalized their relationship in front of the mayor in 2018. At the ceremony, his close friend, Nicolas Duvauchelle, was at the party. In 2023, the actor dares to reveal a little of his feelings for his wife in As an aside. “It’s my lucky charm Margot. (…) I am very happy“, he confides with tenderness.

Why does Benoit Magimel have weight problems?

Benoît Magimel is an artist who gives his all to each of his roles, even if it means losing some feathers. To play certain characters, he agreed to yo-yo with his weight. For the movie In his lifetime by Emmanuelle Bercot, he had to go down to 69 kg, because he must have been a man dying of cancer. Filming was interrupted several times following health concerns for his partner, Catherine Deneuve. He repeated his diet 3 times to lose 20kg each time for the role. And in 2018 for Pain by Emmanuel Finkiel, he had to go up to 104 kg. “It shoots you”, confirms Juliette Binoche’s ex in Vanity Fair. “Even today my body is completely out of order, disoriented.”

Which father is he?

Benoît Magimel is the father of two daughters: Hannah, born in 1999 from his relationship with Juliette Binoche and Djinina, born in 2011 who he had with Nikita Lespinasse. He did everything to ensure that his first daughter was not looked after by a nanny. “It was simpler for me. I have sometimes refused a film if it [Juliette Binoche, ndlr] was committed, at the same time, so that one of us could stay with our daughter”, he says in Paris Match. He especially didn’t want to be an absentee dad. Especially since he likes this role of father a lot. I love being a father. This responsibility does not scare me. I am involved, I am present“, he confirmed in Daily.



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