the Disney VS Gina Carano affair is not over, new episode

New twist in the Gina Carano affair versus Disney! The actress of The Mandalorian filed a complaint against the big-eared firm for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination, supported by Elon Musk, the controversial boss of X. The company counterattacked, but the martial arts fighter is not decided to let it happen.

Disney tries to dismiss the complaint, Gina Carano fights back

Gina Carano is the type to fight back. Combative in the arena as in real life, the actress has filed a complaint in 2021 against Disney for unfair dismissal after his dismissal from The Mandalorian. At the time, the actress had been fired from the series Star Wars and a sequel project which was to see the light of day with his character at the center of the plot, following controversial comments on the holocaust. Last month, Disney and Lucasfilm filed documents seeking dismissal of its complaint: the filing explained that the company had fired the star due to his decision “to publicly trivialize the Holocaust comparing criticism of conservative policies to the annihilation of millions of Jews, not “thousands” [ce qu’elle a dit dans un tweet]was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Disney.

Gina Carano has just fought back so that his legal action is not initiated. According to our colleagues at the Hollywood Reporter, his lawyers responded on May 9 to this motion to dismiss by affirming that:

After admitting to discriminating against Carano for her personal political beliefs and subjecting her to disparate treatment compared to her similarly situated male costars, The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm LTD and Huckleberry Industries (collectively, the “Defendants”) assert that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution gives them absolute immunity […] The defendants are wrong.

Further, they add that the First Amendment and its application cases invoked by Disney “do not give employers the right to control or punish employees’ personal speech“. As Gina Carano’s comments are linked to her personal beliefs, the actress’s lawyers believe that they do not give Lucasfilm the right to fire her. As part of her complaint, the actress denounced what she considers to be a sexist double standard on the part of Disney, supposedly progressive, which allows people like Pedro Pascal, whom she also protected, and Mark Hamill to publish on the social media posts constantly comparing Trump to Hitler.

And you, what do you think of this matter?



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