Cath Bastien denounces a phenomenon in her neighborhood

Cath Bastien is not very happy…

Indeed, the new mother is currently the victim of bad jokes from what we can assume are young people in her neighborhood.

It was on Instagram that she denounced these actions which really bother her and her baby!

“The famous son-dec*ss. I never thought I would write this here (…) I was already young and made son-decr*ss, on the other hand, here, it is recurring (it happens every week, during the day, but also in the evening) and with a young baby it’s average, because she wakes up suddenly and I have to put her back to sleep for her nap. So advice to parents in my neighborhood, maybe have a discussion with your young people about respect, thank you!”, wrote the content creator.

She admitted to having already done this kind of bad tricks when she was young, but according to her, the current situation is much worse than what she did at that age:

“I played that before when I was young, but, you know, it seemed like we didn’t try hard. We did that once in the summer and we thought it was really funny. There, it’s like every week, noon and evening. I feel like a matte frustrated (…) I think everyone could talk about it with their children tonight and say that it’s not very nice or respectful (…) the children are having fun, but there are other game ideas that son-decr*ss, definitely.”

Remember that Cath Bastien gave birth to her little daughter Layla in early March, so the baby is only two months old.



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