TESTIMONY. “It’s a great consecration, it’s a great moment!” Lossa, this artist from Limoges who could well become a star

TESTIMONY. “It’s a great consecration, it’s a great moment!” Lossa, this artist from Limoges who could well become a star
TESTIMONY. “It’s a great consecration, it’s a great moment!” Lossa, this artist from Limoges who could well become a star
Published on 05/10/2024 at 6:35 a.m.

Written by Sarah Boana

At just 20 years old, Lossa, originally from Limoges, is a promising artist and a rising star on the French music scene. In just a few months, he has already made a name for himself thanks to the title “Petit Génie” produced in collaboration with other artists. A song which has more than 80 million views on YouTube and collaborates with big names like Maitre Gims on the title “Loco”. He talks to us about his relationship with music and his future projects. Interview.

During the Flames ceremony on April 24, 2024, which rewards artists of “popular” music such as rap, R’n’B, the song “Petit Génie” was nominated in several categories and even won a prize for the “best mpiece of African or African-inspired music”a consecration for Lossa, a young talent from Limoges, known for a collaboration with the singer Gims, and whom the public was able to find on stage during this ceremony.

Lossa: In the world of music, I’m starting to discover big studio sessions, beautiful places, and this is my first experience in a big ceremony. It’s a great consecration, it’s a great moment. Especially at my age to have been nominated, to have been able to be a part of this sound. It is the fruit of work. It makes me extremely happy. It gives a lot of confidence, and it gives a boost for the future. I thank everyone for the support given to me. I will continue to give the best of myself.


He imagined the “topline” of the hit “Petit Génie”: met _.lossa. He tells us (and shows us!) how he composed the melody for the fastest diamond record of the year on his phone.

♬ original sound – -

No, I have no fear. I live in the present moment. Yes, it’s true that I’m starting to play in the big leagues. But, I consider that music is about sharing. It’s something wonderful where we share emotions and feelings. I take the items as they come. It’s more about the public, we have to know how to listen to them, make sure that they listen to us.

There is an EP (Editor’s note: a musical format which combines several songs, but which is smaller than an album) which will be released this year. We’re preparing sounds for summer, with summer featurings. I want to continue to shock people. There’s a song coming out this month. It’s a collaboration with a beatmaker (rhythm designer, Editor’s note). I’m going to perform it solo, I won’t say more, we’ll leave it as a surprise…

I’m not a rapper, because I consider that I’m not denouncing something. We can denounce a section of society, at the limit. But music has evolved. We pay less attention to the words and we let ourselves be carried away more by the ‘vibe‘ sound. And then, an artist encompasses a lot of things, like my passions. Knowing how to maintain your image, for example. It’s knowing how to be versatile.

What I learned in the music business is that you have to be consistent. There are ups and downs. You can go up very quickly thanks to a buzz and go back down immediately. We are not won over by the public. Plus, I come from the Tik-Tok generation, where you can easily buzz. You have to know how to reach a real audience. This is how we last over time. You still have to put a little pressure on yourself to succeed.

Limoges is the ‘I recharge my batteries’ side. I started here. My inspiration comes from here, when I come back here. It’s this restful side, trying to understand what’s happening, taking a step back. When you leave Paris, the big studio sessions, meeting artists, it’s another world.



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