King Frederik

King Frederik For the first time as sovereigns, Frederik and Mary hosted a reception aboard the royal ship Dannebrog. They then left Sweden, during a final farewell ceremony at the royal palace in Stockholm.

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First reception at the end of the state visit aboard the Dannebrog

King Frederik , last January. The visit took place in Sweden, a neighboring and friendly country.

The Dannebrog is the royal ship considered a real floating castle for the Danish sovereign (Photo: Clément Morin/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

During these two days of visits to Sweden, King Frederik and Queen Mary were accompanied by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. At the end of the day, this Tuesday, the Danish royal couple organized a final reception, in return for the warm welcome given to them by the Swedish sovereigns. For the first time, Frederik and Mary used the Dannebrog to organize their reception.

King Frederik

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King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia are familiar with the Danish royal ship. They last boarded the yacht two years ago. Queen Margrethe had invited Scandinavian heads of state to a reception on board her ship in September 2022 to mark her 50 years of reign. The Dannebrog yacht is so important to the Danish monarch that it is considered a floating castle. When the sovereign uses it to go on a cruise or during his official trips, the ship takes on the status of a royal residence.

King Frederik X welcomes Queen Silvia aboard the Danish royal yacht (Photo: Clément Morin/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia bid farewell to King Frederik X and Queen Mary

After this reception aboard the Dannebrog, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia joined the royal palace for the final farewell ceremony. King Carl Gustaf, first cousin of Queen Margrethe, warmly greeted Frederik as he parted. Queen Mary, who is very close to Crown Princess Victoria, was happy to meet her for one last time at the palace.

The King and Queen of Sweden, as well as the heir couple and the princely couple, bid farewell to the Danish royal couple at the royal palace (Photo: Clément Morin/Kungl. Hovstaterna)
The sovereigns greet the participants of the two delegations who took part in the state visit (Photo: Clément Morin/Kungl. Hovstaterna)
The King and Queen of Sweden accompany the King and Queen of Denmark to their car (Photo: Clément Morin/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

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Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia participated in this farewell ceremony at the royal palace. The ceremony took place in the Hall of Mirrors, in the presence of the people who made up the two delegations for this visit. The Swedish rulers then accompanied the Danish rulers to their car.

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