The underside of the breakup between Omar and Fred: why have they not spoken to each other for 10 years?

From 2005 to 2012, Omar Sy and Fred Testot brought joy to Canal+ viewers by speaking to each other, telephone in hand, in the famous program after-sales service. And then the program disappeared, and with it, the ties that united the two comedians. For what ? How did this breakup happen? Looking back at the end of a beautiful friendship…

The underside of the breakup between Omar and Fred: why have they not spoken to each other for 10 years?

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Eric and Ramzy, Kad and Olivier, Omar and Fred… Since Laurel and Hardy, we know that comedians work well as a duo. The fact remains that often, depending on careers, pairs tend to come apart. Sometimes, to better get together, like Eric and Ramzy, the unforgettable clowns of The Infernal Montparnasse Tower that Amazon Prime Video brings together in its Comedy Class. Or like Kad Merad and Olivier Baroux who have also maintained the link, notably thanks to their famous Pamela Rose whose new adventures brought them together again in the fall of 2023. And then there are those whom life has separated and who have no longer crossed paths. In this case, Omar and Fred.

It all started for Omar and Fred at Radio Nova in 1997

Fred Testot arrived from Fun, where he rubbed shoulders with Eric and Ramzy, Omar, had been taken under his wing at a very young age by Jamel Debbouze: they lived in the same neighborhood in Trappes, in Yvelines. It is also Melissa Theuriau’s husband who will take them both with him on Canal+. We already find them as a duo in Jamel’s cinema. Then, in 2000, producer Kader Aoun offered them their first handset. It’s the Videophone which comes to punctuate Nowhere else. For five years, they performed short humorous clips on the encrypted channel while writing the plot of a show that they would perform on stage in 2008.

The great period of after-sales service

In 2005, the Emissions after-sales service tumbles in Stéphane Bern’s program, Hot Friday. From weekly, it became daily the following year. Every evening, at 8:40 p.m., the Grand Journal by Michel Denisot comes alive thanks to these two clowns with tender and gently absurd humor. The recurring characters they play, Auntie Suzanne, François the Frenchman, Super Asshole or certain phrases “Hey… do you come to parties anymore?“become cults.

For Omar Sy, the film Untouchables changes the situation

And then, on November 2, 2011, the film was released Untouchables… A month later, it has 13 million entries and Omar’s life will change. “The actors received 10 euro cents per ticket from 1.6 million entries“, explained one of the producers to Parisian. Knowing that the interpreter of Driss had a priori received 500,000 euros for the filming, we therefore add more than a million euros. It’s the jackpot…. and the frenzy for the former kid from Trappes who became a star, including in the world, where the film was also a hit.

As a result, the following year, the actor left France in search of tranquility for himself and his family, heading to Los Angeles. No one left to respond to Fred Testot, on June 5, 2012, Canal+ announced that the show would no longer be repeated at the start of the school year…The duo separates. Then finds himself, again around a phone! In 2014, Apple brought them together to advertise its new iPhone6. We only see their hand. As a farewell sign?

Did the film make its main actor untouchable for his friend? From February 2016, in GraziaOmar Sy had already hinted at the answer: “with the cessation of after-sales service, which was our driving force and the place where we met two or three days a week.“The actor added:”Having lost that at the same time my schedule took me elsewhere made things more complicated. It started with a kind of geographical distance, and then time ended up settling in there.

Fred Testot: “We just fought!”

Questioned a few days later on the subject, Fred Testot was more evasive, even embarrassed. At the heart of the interview, the film African Dream. In mid-2013, specialized sites announced that Omar and Fred would meet again at the cinema. A priori, the script has already been co-written, the planned filming location will be Senegal. When ? Early 2014. Except… The film will never see the light of day. When TV Star asks Fred why, the actor responds, joking: “I’m surprised you asked me this question“, before being more precise: “No, but it was a project like any other. Not good timing. And the scenario changed four times, it was a hassle. I’m not in it at all anymore.“And when our colleagues ask Omar’s former accomplice if they are estranged, he is bluntly ironic:”Yes, besides, we just fought there! And there, I just created discomfort. I’m strong for that. At the same time I am an actor!“No doubt and even if obviously, unlike Mathieu Kassovitz and Vincent Cassel, they never came to blows, the mere mention of a fight between them creates a lot of discomfort.

Omar is very happy…. Because in the meantime, in 2014 and 2015, he lived his American Dream instead. During these years, he starred in two global blockbusters, X-Men, Days of Future Past And Jurassic World. At the same time, Fred made two ambitious and careful films but which did not go down in history : The influence And Rose and the Soldier.

An aborted common project, a geographical distance, diverging trajectories, varying fortunes, it was probably all that was needed to push the two men apart…

Omar Sy: “It was even painful at one point”

Already, in January 2023, on YouTube, Omar Sy had done well by launching “JI’m no longer in his life, he’s no longer in mine.” But Pfor the first time, when he released this April 24, 2024 a book of conversation with a journalist entitled So let’s talk, the star ofUntouchables has obviously decided to put more words on their separation. He did it at the microphone of Mouloud Achour, in Click, on Canal+. “There is no real valid explanation, there is no real confusion but you understand that this is what happens with everyone, begins series star Lupine on Netflix. That is to say that it is an optic that is distorted and I am seen as someone else because we project the image of Omar Sy who is not me. Even those who know me best, in this case he who knows me very well, have, at one point projected an image of someone who was not me and he was not in phase with this person. Which I can understand. But I wasn’t that person.

Did Fred think his friend had changed even though he remained the same? This is what seems to be implied by the one who will play a leading role at the next Cannes festival. Was the latter hurt by the sudden silence between them? : “Honestly, I missed it for a while, Omar responds to Mouloud Achourit was even painful at one point, but today I made up my mind, that’s how life is. It’s also a choice that is his, not mine, and that I totally respect. And that’s how life is.

And the actor concludes in a humorous tone with this pirouette, a reference to the cult show which revealed them, like an open door to a reunion: “I’m here, if it rings, I answer, obviously“. So perhaps the line is not completely cut.



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