” I did something stupid “

” I did something stupid “
” I did something stupid “

By Ivy Cousteau

– Published on May 8, 2024 at 1:20 p.m.

Dominique Farrugia delivers a moving account of his fight against illness and his past demons on the occasion of the release of his book.

Dominique Farrugiaicon of French humor, bravely fights illness for more than three decades. Known for his emblematic role in “Les Nuls”, he shares his struggle and his mistakes in his book “She never left me”, published in 2021.

Now in his sixties, the former CEO of Canal+ confides in his fierce fight against illness and his demons of the past, notably the drug. Her heartfelt and poignant story offers an intimate look at her trials and her quest for redemptionthus touching the hearts of the audience with a rare sincerity and a moving vulnerability.

Dominique Farrugia: a moving return to the screen

The return of Dominique Farrugia to the screen delighted his fans. Indeed, TF1 had announced his arrival on the show “Camille & Images”, alongside Camille Combal, the first episode of which was scheduled for November 9. This new stage in the career of the eternal sidekick of Alain Chabat marks a strong moment.

Suffering from multiple sclerosis at only 28 years old, after the tragic loss of his friend Bruno Carettethe famous actor, director and producer became a major spokesperson of this disease. Moreover, her book “She never left me”, published in 2021, relates in the smallest details her fierce fight against this terrible pathologyoffering a poignant testimony of resilience and determination.

Dominique Farrugia without filter on his old demons

In his book, the native of Vichy admits to initially denying his illness contracted at such a young age. He fully accepts all his excesses, even the darkest ones, such as his use of cocaine. To the Parisian, he admitted thus:

I’m in denial. I am 29 years old. I live a life I never dared to dream of. I do what I love: writing, producing, performing. I have fantastic friends, with whom we work like brutes in the Dummies era. We party, there is alcohol, cocaine. I don’t want to deny myself anything. And above all, don’t forbid me from continuing to dream of leaving my social environment. »

Fortunately, despite his drift, the director of “Bis” managed to put an end to your consumption. And it was during an interview with France Info in 2021 that he underlined the importance of this awareness. “ My father explained to me: “Try not to cut yourself when shaving.” I have a beard, and that meant: “Look at yourself in the mirror.” I want to try looking at myself in the mirror. With cocaine, I did a stupid thing, but a real stupid thing! Until I had to stop and I stopped. »

A new start ?

Today, the Vichyssois fights the disease without far from drugs, by controlling its way of life and finding his ideal weight. In an interview, he specified that the key lies mainly in state of mind.

I feel lucky that I didn’t give up, that I kept going, that I had this mantra that was given to me: “You treat your illness in two ways. Or like a friend, you complain and stay in bed. Or like an enemy, you get up, you walk and you go to work.” I kept it deep inside and fought until today. Someone asked me: “What do you do when you get up in the morning?” » I try to see how I walk.»

Like many of his peers at the time of Canal+Dominique Farrugia could not resist the urge to flirting with cocaine. Fortunately, he came back and readily admits that it was a “ real bullshit “. To those who would like to experiment with this poison… as a good listener, hello!



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