Camille gives up, her huge rant against the production, “Out of respect for me…”

Camille gives up, her huge rant against the production, “Out of respect for me…”
Camille gives up, her huge rant against the production, “Out of respect for me…”

By Ivy Cousteau

– Published on May 6, 2024 at 8:30 p.m.

New in Married at First Sight: Romain finds a new compatibility after Camille’s abandonment. It must be said that between the latter and production, the rag burned recently!

As usual, M6 offers a thrilling new episode of Married at First Sight every Monday. And this week, all eyes will be on the beautiful Romanfollowing the unexpected departure of Camille, who seems to be spinning the perfect love elsewhere. To the delight of viewers, it is a episode full of twists and turns Do not miss it !

Indeed, after Camille addressed a video message to Romain for as justification, the father of the family, expressed his disappointment but chose to persevere in the adventure. As we will see in the next episode of Married at First Sight, this Monday, May 6. He called on the show’s specialists, Estelle Dossin and Gilbert Bou JaoudéFor find a new compatibilitya complex task, and not the least!

Married at first sight: Camille puts the dots on the “i

After abandoning the Married at First Sight experiment, Camille spoke out on his Instagram account to justify his choice. “ I stopped the experiment because it was the best thing to do at the time. I couldn’t have it both ways. Out of respect for me, for the man I stopped for and for Romain. We have to know how to listen to ourselves and not go against what life brings us. “.

The one who was going to marry Romain in Gibraltar then attacks the production and expressed his incomprehension: “ The only regret I have is that it was still broadcast even though I wasn’t going to the wedding. I didn’t understand the idea but it’s not me who decides… It cost me sleepless nights “. She adds: “ Edits can make you say things you didn’t say, make you appear to be something you’re not. This can quickly give a very defined and not very moderate image of us. “. What can we say about these words? Only poor Romain comes to mind. However, it seems that the 40 year old candidate no longer really to be complained about…

A new start for Romain

As the saying goes, “whoever goes hunting loses his place”! Considering the events we will witness this Monday, May 6, this adage has never been more true! For what ? Imagine that the experts have discovered a new compatibility for Romain, at 80%, or 3% more than Camille! He prepares for the wedding but struggles to forget Camille. Finally, he writes a letter to his future sweetheart Clémence, to explain the situation to her.

Furthermore, while waiting to meet her, the future groom gets to know his beautiful family. However, Catherinethe aunt and witness of her future companion, seems skeptical about his physique. What about Clémence then? In any case, fans of Married at First Sight will discover the rest of this union… As well as the face of the new fiancée this Monday May 13, 2024 on M6.



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