Shocked, Anny Duperey (76 years old) reveals the crazy amount of her pension: “Per month, it’s…

Shocked, Anny Duperey (76 years old) reveals the crazy amount of her pension: “Per month, it’s…
Shocked, Anny Duperey (76 years old) reveals the crazy amount of her pension: “Per month, it’s…

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

Actress highly appreciated by the general public both for her roles in auteur films and in mainstream comedies, without forgetting the theater Anny Duperey continues to work today at the age of 76. A decision motivated by passion? In part, because it is also the financial aspect that comes into focus. It must be said that the retirement of the septuagenarian is feeble to say the least…

From theater to cinema to television, Anny Duperey has done almost everything. But while she has a fairly impressive CV, which spans almost 60 years, the actress continues to work at a particularly sustained pace. In the credits of the TV film “Death of a Shepherd” and the feature film “Le voyage en pajamas” in 2023, we find her on the boards for “Le duplex” in this year 2024.

Nothing surprising when we know that Bernard Giraudeau’s former partner believes that “retirement is a dirty word”. On the other hand, beyond the pleasure so specific to artists of continuing to practice their profession without ever stopping, the mother of Gaël and Sara Giraudeau also needs money, and more than one might believe at first glance.

Anny Duperey disappointed by her poor retirement

A few months ago, she was in fact questioned about the retirement she received during a stint at Jordan de Luxe. Quite disappointed by the low amount she receives, Anny Duperey seemed doubtful to say the least:

Jordan De Luxe: “People say to themselves: ‘Ah Annie Duperey, we’ve seen her on TV, she writes books…’ I imagine 7,000 or 8,000 euros per month.”

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Anny Duperey: “What retirement? When I see the amount, I say to myself that there may be an error. For social security, I’m about half the maximum. I don’t know, it’s weird. For me, it’s 600 euros per month. There is a small supplement, but that’s the official one.”

A sum that was ultimately quite paltry considering the actress’s six-decade-long career, which stunned Jordan de Luxe:

Wait, you don’t have 600 euros of Anny Duperey retirement? After everything you’ve done… Fortunately you put aside, that you bought! Sometimes I’m criticized for asking this question, but we imagine incredible things about artists…

Indeed, and contrary to what one might sometimes believe, artists are not necessarily rolling in gold. Anny Duperey is a striking example, she who confirms that she is “forced to work” to get by financially. Fortunately, she combines business with pleasure, since she explained in the columns of the magazine “Nous Deux” at the end of 2022:

My pension is not high and even then, I am not complaining. But I’m very lucky, because I can’t imagine stopping.

Despite nearly 60 years of service to cinema, theater and television, Anny Duperey is not in a position to hang up her phone. An observation also made by Dave recently, and which puts an end to certain clichés of financial opulence among stars. So expect to see the 76-year-old actress continue to multiply her projects, for our greatest pleasure!



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