Physically unrecognizable, Stromae (39 years old) resurfaces and shocks: “He looks…

Physically unrecognizable, Stromae (39 years old) resurfaces and shocks: “He looks…
Physically unrecognizable, Stromae (39 years old) resurfaces and shocks: “He looks…

By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

After a terrible year 2023 marked by major health problems and the cancellation of his tour, Stromae has been very discreet. Far from the cameras and the media, he was however seen near his native Belgium, where he feels best. But his new look did not fail to appeal to fans, and for several reasons…

Will Stromae return to the stage one day? This is the question that some Belgian media are asking themselves. It must be said that the artist, already plagued by serious mental health concerns in the past, once again had to throw in the towel right in the middle of his gigantic “Multitude Tour” due to serious personal problems. After that, it is difficult to imagine producers and insurers launching again with the interpreter of “Papaoutai”.

Ultimately, the career of the brilliant author, composer and performer is only an afterthought compared to the major issue: his physical and mental well-being. Surrounded by his family, and in particular by his wife and their child, Stromae would have been enjoying himself over the last few months, far from all the agitation. But a photo of him taken recently caused panic on the web, and not just a little!

Stromae changed physically, the fans let go

Taken on camera in the streets of Brussels with a fan, the 30-year-old appeared with a brand new hair style, most likely sporting implants, as well as a dye:

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Beyond this change in hairstyle, many have noticed a slight weight gain on the part of the artist, who actually looks quite good:

So a good sign or not? Everyone commented after the publication of this photo, and suffice to say that Internet users are divided in their feelings about this photo. Anthology:

“He looks sick, this guy is weird”

“A diet is necessary”

“It’s nice to see him!” »

“He has taken a youthful look Samy Naceri! »

“I don’t recognize him. He has a different face”

“It’s definitely him, the mole on the tip of his nose is unmistakable!” »

“A few photos from time to time are enough, we can see that he’s thinking about us”

Still silent since the very delicate period he went through, Stromae seems to be doing better if we judge by his good face and the smile on his face. In any case, given the reactions and the excitement following the publication of the photo, we understand that the star prefers to remain discreet, and recharge her batteries in the shadows…



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