Splendor & Influence: Marc Brunet’s hilarious look at “the job of being famous”

After The heart has its reasons, Bobos And Like me!screenwriter Marc Brunet returns with Splendor & Influencea parody of a reality show where there is nothing to gain other than the chance to “practice the profession of being famous”.

Drano (Yannick De Martino), Vadge (Pascale De Blois), Cyprien (Mathieu Dufour) and Chloé (Naïla Louidort), with a h which must be pronounced as in horseare the stars of this TV show which will allow them to experience fame… finally.

The hosts, Zac (Philippe-Audrey Larrue Saint-Jacques) and Brigitte “Bree” Bussières (the more than perfect Anne Dorval), offer larger-than-life reflections on the price of becoming a star.


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“Splendor & Influence” stars Anne Dorval, in the role of Brigitte “Bree” Bussières.

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In the first episode, Brigitte and Zac pitch the project to Radio-Canada, explaining that Splendor & Influence East a reality show that FINALLY allows influencers to talk about themselves.

We are told that no candidate will be selected whether he has been accused of sexual misconduct or wears braceseven if we have nothing against temporarily monstrous peoplespecifies the character of Anne Dorval.

Write a show and have it done by Anne Dorval. It’s going to work!, launched Marc Brunet during the press viewing, convinced of his renewed choice to put the actress in the foreground. In his new project, he wanted to point the unhealthy quest for famean idea that had sprouted before the pandemic and which took time to take off. Splendor & Influence, we see a lot of ambition and little success”,”text”:”In Splendor & Influence, we see a lot of ambition and little success”}}”>In Splendor & Influencewe see a lot of ambition and little successhe adds.


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Marc Brunet is the creator of the new comedy series “Splendeur & Influence”.

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The perfect layer

During their interviews, as we can see during any good self-respecting reality TV show, aspiring candidates must tell a sad story, a funny story and an inspiring story. We also ensure that they know how to put forward the full range of both emotions available on Instagram.

We visit all the photos, from the sponsoring sparkling wine which is wine margarine to the disproportionate importance given to the digital presence of participants. If you don’t have a photo of yourself with a picnic basket, in a hot air balloon, no one, ever, will trust your Alsace wine recommendationsBrigitte will say to explain the need to know how to put yourself forward on social networks.

I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I have a very superficial vision of the concept and that allows me not to go into too much obscure detail.

A quote from Marc Brunet, screenwriter

Isabelle Garneau, who directed the series with Jean-François Chagnon, consumed a lot of television of this type to be able to respect the visual codes of the affair. By reading Marc Brunet’s texts, I really see what he wants to dosays the one who notably created Like Me!. The meaning of the jokes is visual and verbosecompletes his scriptwriter accomplice.

The power of self-deprecation

Mathieu Dufour and Pascale De Blois, both content creators, are having their first experience in scripted roles. Cyprien, Mathieu Dufour’s character, is a singer who made the artistic choice not to take singing lessons and who was Star Académie when getting out of his tank”,”text”:”eliminated from Star Académie when getting out of his tank”}}”>eliminated from Star Academy getting out of his tank.

Vadge, the role played by Pascale De Blois, is an influencer who does Pilates in front of her blower and she stands out, because sometimes she puts on makeup thinking about war. She will also say that eyelashes are important, because the eyes are the cheeks of the face.

>>The whole team on a pink background.>>

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“Splendor & Influence” stars Anne Dorval, Philippe-Audrey Larrue-Saint-Jacques, Pascale De Blois, Yannick De Martino, Naïla Louidort and Mathieu Dufour.

Photo: Zone 3

The two new actors demonstrate a strong capacity for self-deprecation in their approach to their characters.

The series team chose Mathieu Dufour after he delivered a solid audition with complete humility. Pascale De Blois was recruited by the production who saw her videos on TikTok and who were looking for someone younger than the actresses coming out of theater schools (she was 18 at the time of filming).

All episodes will have different themes: singing competition, controversy after returning from a trip to the South and commitment to the cause of protecting wetlands and ducks, among others.

Two generations collide in Splendors & influences and we will also discover the past of the character of Anne Dorval. Brigitte tries to access, as a host, her last chance to shine.

We start with the influencers, but we realize that Anne Dorval’s character has the same quest as them. She started her career when she was a child and she has the same concerns, the same fears and the same desires as these young people and she arrives at the end of her career without having achieved everything she wanted to achieve.

A quote from Marc Brunet, screenwriter

For Marc Brunet, who says he respects the music specifies each actorwriting the texts was long and complex since the words are numerous and the sentences are loaded.

He doesn’t see the series as a general commentary on influencers. There is work behind their content that I find legitimate. In our show, we deal with a tiny part of that. Where it’s easy to laugh about it.

The first two episodes of Splendor & Influencee are available on TOU.TV Extra. A new episode will be posted on the platform every week, on Thursday. The series has eight regular episodes and one special bloopers and meetings with the actors. A broadcast on ICI Télé is planned at a later date.



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