Léa Pilotte emerges from her mother’s shadow in “Indefensible”

Léa Pilotte emerges from her mother’s shadow in “Indefensible”
Léa Pilotte emerges from her mother’s shadow in “Indefensible”

Who is this young woman who breaks the screen alongside Catherine St-Laurent in the TVA daily? We discover it here.

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Léa Pilotte is not her first role on television, but Indefensible marks her first experience in a daily series, where she played Jade, the sister of Romane (Catherine St-Laurent), accused of the murder of Mark P. Scott (Yves Amyot). His mother, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, also threw flowers at him on social networks regarding his performance on the show. “I am often discreet with my children, but this young woman who plays Jade brilliantly in Indefensible, it’s mine, my great daughter,” she published, accompanying her text with a photo of her daughter in a scene from the show. A message that greatly touched the young woman. “I was super happy. My mother’s comments mean a lot to me. It was a lot of work and I was glad she recognized that.” Playing in a daily series was a great experience for Léa. “I found it very fun. The team was great. I felt well welcomed and supervised.”

Inspired by her mother

Just like her mother, who started in the profession as a child, Léa Pilotte has always had an interest in the arts. “Since I was very young, I have had the desire to express my emotions, to play. I practiced dancing a lot, which allowed me to develop this ability to be on stage and transmit emotions. Quickly, I started theater and dubbing. I attended lots of workshops which really helped me. It gave me the pleasure of playing,” says the young woman, who has just turned 18. Léa was a teenager when she told her mother that she would like to act on TV. She landed her first role on the show Make me laugh! in 2019. “This area is not always rosy. [Ma mère] had the desire to protect me, which was super normal, but, at some point, she realized that it was stronger than me and she accompanied me. She inspires me a lot. I take her advice, all the baggage she brings me, and I try to transpose that to my color. In 2021, Léa was able to share the screen with her mother in Survive your children. Then, in 2023, mother and daughter starred in De glace, the horror podcast by Patrick Senécal.

Proud of her actress sister

When you’re the daughter of an actress, you may feel the need to prove to people that you deserved your role, but Léa never wanted to put such pressure on herself. “Being the daughter of someone famous doesn’t prove anything, in the sense that I still have to go through the whole audition process. I know I worked a lot. Of course, being “the daughter of” comes with a certain baggage, but I decided to detach myself from that pressure, because it’s not super positive. It prevents me from experiencing what I have to experience, and it doesn’t tempt me to have this pressure running through my head all the time,” she says. Her sister, Florence, aged 11, also follows in the footsteps of Mélissa and her, since we were able to see her in the series Between two sheets. “It’s great fun,” rejoices Léa. I think we both have the desire to do this job and I’m super proud of her. Sometimes we practice her lyrics together, but she’s pretty natural. We haven’t had the chance to play together yet. The fact remains that this is my real family and that, sometimes, it’s fun to get out of this zone to see other worlds, something that is less close to me. That’s what tickles me. But if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would definitely be super happy to play with my little sister.”

In a few weeks, Léa will finish her first year of CEGEP in arts, letters and communication, animation and interpretation profile. She has not yet thought about what she will do after finishing college. “I am someone who lives in the present moment. I have a lot of interests. I’ll see, but it’s certain that I really like the field of gaming.

Indefensible will be back in fall 2024, on TVA.

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