6X6 returns to Haut-Lignon under the gaze of women

The 4th edition of the Haut-Lignon summer photography trail is already on the horizon. From June 28 to August 25, the “Regards de femmes” proposition is designed as a journey.

6×6 Regards de femmes is an invitation to wander from village to village, in the privileged space of the community of communes of Haut-Lignon (Chenereilles, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, Le Mas-de-Tence, Le Mazet-Saint -Voy, Saint-Jeures, Tence).

A focus on women artists

In music and the visual arts, society has recently discovered that women artists have also contributed to the progress of the world, even if they were partly invisible.

A feminine way of seeing the world

Haut-Lignon wants to give women photographers an opportunity to develop a feminine way of seeing the world. It is not only a question of showing women photographed by women photographers, but that photographers – who are also women – embrace the entire world and possible images. The 4th edition of the Haut-Lignon photographic trail is designed like a journey.

A journey through time, first

A century of photography separates Cha Caillat’s shots from the pioneering work of Jenny de Vasson, whose avant-garde work, both technically and artistically, brings a historical and documentary dimension.

A trip around the world

From Madagascar to Kyrgyzstan, from India to the Middle East, Alexandra Boulat, Françoise Nuñez, Françoise Fournier, Cha Caillat take us to meet the people with whom we share, during an exhibition, a moment of life.

A dreamlike journey at last

When color and the strange disturb the eye, Dolorès Marat offers in a whisper the sensitive look she takes on the world of the immediate.

Opening on June 28 at Chambon

Meet for the opening on Friday June 28 at 7 p.m. at 24, rue Neuve, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in the presence of Dolorès Marat, Françoise Fournier and Cha Caillat. Chantal Vey will also be present, who will be exhibited off-site in the garden of the Espace d’art contemporain des Roches.

outdoor exhibitions

Françoise Fournier’s photos “On the head of my mother” will be presented on the walls of the esplanade at Mas-de-Tence (in place from the end of May). HASIn Mazet-Saint-Voy, at the botanical garden, we will discover the photos of Jenny de Vasson and in Saint-Jeures, those of Cha Caillat. The idea is to meet the public in a freer and more natural way.

In Tence, Françoise Nuñez’s exhibition will be hosted by the bookstore La Boîte à soleils.



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