“At my very advanced age”

Patrice Laffontemblematic figure of the French small screen, shone for nearly three decades by hosting cult shows as Numbers and letters, Pyramids, 40 degrees in the shade And Fort Boyard on France 2. His charisma and professionalism have won over generations of viewerspropelling him to the rank of the most notable personalities of French television.

If the presenter has always been at the height of success in the world of television, his current finances would no longer reflect its former glory. This is what he revealed in a recent program on C8, TV, your merciless universe, where he opened up about the ups and downs of his career. In this documentary series, emblematic figures of the audiovisual world share their experiences, their successes, their setbacks and their encounters, thus offering an overview of the behind the scenes of the industry television.

Patrice Laffont’s confidences on his current financial situation

Patrice Laffont thus recognized that he had always “ won [sa] life very correctly ”, and add: “I’m not complaining “. He also deplored having always had ” A strange relationship with money. Which is to say, I suck. I manage badly. ” ” I have spent my money blithely, I didn’t put anything aside and I regret it now. At my very advanced age, I have nothing, nothing nothing. Not a house, not an apartment. The only thing I have in equity, basically, is my car, and even then, it’s old. “, he revealed bluntly.

On C8, Patrice Laffont admitted to having committed big mistake » in his career, quite recently. This is about his involvement in the show The Fair Euroaccepted at the end of 2001 or beginning of 2002. This decision, taken while its issue Pyramid enjoyed great success, is regretted by the hostwho admitted that this is the only time the bait of gain » influenced him.

photo credit: C8 Patrice Laffont, unvarnished about his financial situation

A pension of 3,500 euros which is not enough for Patrice Laffont

The show quickly ended in failure and was canceled after barely a month. France 2 decided to remove the program from the air and replace it with the new version of Pyramide, despite a few recorded episodes which remained to be broadcast. For three weeks, I filled my little pockets, but afterward, I am found with nothing. »admitted Patrice Laffont.

This subject of money has already been addressed by the host. He notably raised this question during an interview on the Jordan de Luxe show. I have a tiny retreat (3,500 euros per month, editor’s note) and the day I no longer work, I will be in a bit of trouble. And that’s how it is, I’m 82 years old and it doesn’t matter. I maybe die in the street. “, he declared.

Patrice Laffont’s revelations about his father, the publisher Robert Laffont

He then admitted that he had never been good at managing his money, and mentioned why he was not a homeowner at the time. I do not have the sense of possession, I didn’t buy anything. Not even my apartment”, he shared. The octogenarian also has a very precise idea of ​​the salary he considers necessary to live comfortably: ” With 10,000 ballsI was happy “.

photo credit: C8 Patrice Laffont and Jordan De Luxe

Patrice Laffont attributes his lack of financial acumen to his father, Robert Laffont, famous publisher. This last didn’t have a circle » because he was an artist » and one “great publisher “, shared his son. This situation pushed him to understand that he had to work to earn a living, as he admitted: “I earn my living because I work “. And to conclude: “ The day when I no longer work, when there is no longer a theater, I will be a little in the shit. »



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